Jenny has a penchant for fashion, and she decided to come up with something out of the ordinary, where this star-light animated shirt has been dubbed ‘Alioth’. No, it is not a name of some fantasy character, but rather, it was named after a bright white star that is located in the Ursa Major constellation – otherwise known as the Big Dipper. This unique shirt can not only be worn in the morning, but it can also be worn at night as well, where it is made from a white muslin which represents the day and Starry Night fabric that has been electrified with LED sparkle in order to represent what the night sky looks like. This is the first work from Jenny, and it definitely is commendable for a beginner. According to Jenny, “I don’t know a lot about programming micro-controllers, so I picked the least intimidating thing out of the vast array of Arduino variants – which is Aniomagic’s simple to use eTextile system.” What other constellations do you want to wear?

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