With so many touchscreen devices being churned out these days, it goes without saying that our fingers are one of the main methods of interacting with such devices. However, when winter time comes and the mercury drops to freezing levels, taking out our glove just to reply a text message can be a rather cold experience, and if your fingers are freezing, they won’t be able to dance all over the virtual keyboard in the same way as when the temperature is at a normal level. Owning a stylus is fine by me as it gets the job done regardless of how cold it is, but then again it ain’t very cool. Amazon might have something new which will definitely blow your socks off, filing a patent for an intelligent stylus – which most folks figure out it would be called the Kindle Pen.

Basically, this device is meant to be an “electronic input device” which is capable of recording and analyzing notations made by a user, across a wide range of content. No idea on whether this intelligent stylus will be making its way towards a new Kindle or not, so we will just have to sit tight and wait.

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