When it comes to technology and fashion, sometimes the overlapping of categories end up with disastrous consequences, but I am rather pleased to say that with the advent of better and better technologies, you know for sure that things are starting to look up. Case in point, the Animated LED necklace from Silvia Yang is definitely something worth looking into – or rather, wear around your neck. It does not matter whether you are wearing a low cut dress, or having an extremely high neckline, the Animated LED necklace will still be able to add that dash of elegance, although if you are too skinny, chances are it might hang around your neck as though you were put in a stock. No idea on what kind of batteries are used to power this object of beauty though, although we do know that some of the elements involved are LED lights, a LilyPad Arduino, cotton fabric, some diamonds, beads, studs, and of course, thread.

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