Apple patent application looks at glass gadgetsI know that Cinderella has her glass shoe to worry about (and the scumbag prince can’t even recognize the face of his princess the night before, going around looking as though he has a foot fetish the next day – either that or the wonder of makeup has changed Cinderella’s visage to an unrecognizable level), but Apple wants you to worry about other things – in a good way. Cupertino already applied for a patent that might see portable computing devices being made out of glass in the future, where the application lays claim to a “substantially seamless enclosure…extruded in its entirety with glass material” that enables wireless signals to flow freely to and fro. Bear in mind that this remains as a patent at the moment, and it might not necessarily mean it will enter production anytime soon. Hopefully it will be of the scratch and shatter resistant kind, otherwise clumsy folks would very well steer clear of such a device.

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