iPhone 4S Review

Games aren't using the full hardware potential, but it will come... eventually


Due to Android phones getting larger by the day, iOS fans and Apple watchers are predicting that the next-generation iPhone will feature a larger display. Some have suggested a whopping 4.6” Retina display, but according to iMore, that might not be the case as the next-generation iPhone could very well keep to its 3.5” display, but at the same time introduce a micro-dock in place of the 30-pin dock connector which would allow them to fit in more components, and will most likely come with 4G LTE connectivity much like the new iPad and will see a launch in the Fall of 2012.

4G LTE is pretty much a no-brainer – after all, if they could get it up and running on the new iPad, we don’t see why the feature would not be brought over onto the iPhone. However interestingly is the mention that Apple could be sticking to its guns regarding the 3.5” display, a bit of a disappointment given that Android and Windows Phone devices these days are getting larger, allowing for more screen real estate which will aid in browsing websites and watching videos.

With the iPhone 4S having launched about half a year ago, we guess we have another half a year of waiting and seeing what Apple has in store for us, so in the mean time, we suggest you take all of this with a grain of salt until more concrete evidence has been uncovered. In the mean time, what do you guys think? Would 4G LTE make up for keeping the same 3.5” display that they have been using for the past five generations, or would you be jumping ship in favor of a larger display?

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