There is just so much one can do in terms of designing a car in order to make it look future forward, and while I appreciate all those mean looking stripes, lines, and modified headlights as well as taillamps, Audi takes things up by a notch with their ‘tunnel of light’ that is tucked away in the basement of the Audi Electronics Center in Ingolstadt. Being dark does not mean they have anything to hide, rather, the room more or less functions like the stage of a theater, and will see Audi work on vehicles that rely on OLEDs as a form of exterior lighting for future automobile from the marque.

Just to make sure these OLED racing stripes on a future Audi remain tough and suitable for everyday use, a couple of glass plates with a flat polished surface will enclose the assembly, making it not only airtight but water-tight as well. This “sandwich” of sorts measures slightly more than one mm thin, and is held in a metal frame. Whenever a low voltage is applied, photons will be emitted in the electrical field, where the surface will be illuminated. The thinner the layer gets, it is even brighter – definitely a treat to those who love pimpin’ up their rides. 3D OLEDs are the ultimate goal of Audi Design engineers, so we will leave them in their dark room to work things out while we wait patiently.

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