A while back, Beamdog teased us with the revival of the Baldur’s Gate website which ultimately revealed that a Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition would be launched. Not too long after, another bomb was dropped on Baldur’s Gate fans when it was revealed that an iPad version of the game was also in the works for a summer 2012 release and now Beamdog’s COO, Cameron Tofer, has come forward with additional details of the game.


For starters, the game for the iPad is expected to cost less than $10, with Tofer being quoted as saying that it does not make sense for a 1998 game to be charged anything more than $10, but we’re sure that there are a couple of Baldur’s Gate fans out there who would gladly pay a premium to relive the game on the tablet (myself included). The game will feature 80+ hours of content, which means that just like the original, it will take the player a while to complete the entire game.

On top of that there will be support for multiplayer, a feature that we’re sure many RPG fanatics out there will appreciate. Tofer is expected to reveal more information regarding the iOS port tomorrow, including how the game will be taking advantage of the tablet’s touchscreen interface, so stay tuned for updates!

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