The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre series of headphones are pretty expensive as it is, retailing at prices from $399, so you can only imagine how much a pair of Beats Pro headphones dipped in 24 karat gold will cost, and if you guessed expensive, you’d be right. These gold plated Beats Pro headphones are courtesy of Crystal Rocked who seems to have moved away from their typical offerings of diamonds and crystals to this gold plated set of headphones. They are available in either white or black with the earcups portion covered in gold. We’re not sure who would actually wear these out in real life since they’re pretty much begging to be robbed, but if you plan to wear them in the comfort of your own home or just buy them as a collector’s item, head on down to Crystal Rocked’s website where you will be able to order one for a whopping £998 (~$1,580), close to four times its retail price.

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