iOS users, if you’re looking for a dock that can not only house your iPhone/iPod touch, but an iPad at the same time, then perhaps the Billet Dock might be a Kickstarter project you’d like to contribute to. The Billet Dock will come in three flavors, an iPad dock, an iPhone/iPod touch dock, and a duplex model which will allow for the housing of both devices simultaneously (as pictured above).

The Billet Dock will be machined from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, and can even accommodate devices with its casing on, and apparently removal from the dock can be done with one hand, as opposed to holding the dock down while you attempt to yank the device out. Interestingly, the dock will also sport a resonance chamber built into it which will help enhance the acoustics on your device by 10 decibels, and will angle the device back by 10 degrees, supposedly putting it “perfectly in frame” for FaceTime calls.

Tracmac Engineering, the creators behind the Billet Dock, are seeking funding for their project with a goal of $50,000, so a pledge of $58 or more will net you the dock upon its successful funding. For more information or to pledge money to the Billet Dock Kickstarter project, head on over to its Kickstarter page.

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