Bing VideosGood news for folks who use Bing Video to source for their online videos. Microsoft announced that it has rolled out and will be rolling out new features to improve the online video service. Available in all countries that currently support Bing Video, the improvements will make it easier to scan, explore and discover videos. Firstly, we’ll get larger and more informative previews in the results page. You no longer have to click on a video to find out what it’s all about – the comprehensive previews should help you find what you need with a glance.

Secondly, the video search results page now features infinite scroll. Ever dreamt about going through a never ending list of cat videos? Bing has made it possible. Search results also now give you tabs that help you find common related searches to bring you related videos that you may want to look at. Lastly, the video viewer has been enlarged, and you now get a film strip of similar videos on top of the screen. Head over to Bing Videos to try it out today.

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