We do know that planes do guzzle up a whole lot of fuel in order to transport us between continents in the quickest way possible, but it is nice to know that over the years, technological advancements have been made to ensure that such behemoths of the skies are more and more fuel efficient with the clever use of materials as well as design engineering. Boeing, one of the largest players in the commercial aircraft industry, has plans for a concept known as SUGAR Freeze, with the “SUGAR” acronym representing Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research, while Freeze refers to the fuel used – which is actually cryogenically stored liquefied natural gas (LNG). Apart from that, it will come in a rather plain looking design, with the standout feature being low-drag, truss-braced wings, while the airframe itself comprises of extremely lightweight material. It is said to be up to 64% more efficient compared to a current 737-800 model. I guess we haven’t figured out wormhole travel by then.

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