The Japanese love canned coffee, considering how it is easily found in the numerous vending machines around the Land of the Rising Sun, giving you a quick boost of caffeine no matter where you are. Boss, one of the more popular coffee brands in that part of the world, has a novel method of selling even more coffee – by running a promotion that features a steam locomotive figurine with each purchase of their Zero no Chouten coffee. What makes this steam locomotive figurine so special? For starters, once you are done with your coffee, you can always use the can as the body of the train, now how about that? In addition, the steam locomotive figurine will also move, although it will not run on steam, but battery power to keep up with the times. Definitely one of the more interesting ways to keep yourself occupied whenever you are bored in the office, no? Of course, you can also use it to ferry an unopened can to another desk elsewhere…

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