The Boxie DIY robot is something different from all of the other robotic creations that we have seen so far. This social, semi-autonomous robot creation is the brainchild of Alexander Reben of MIT’s Media Lab, where it is capable of roaming around until it stumbles upon a human being who is not busy enough and are willing to offer Boxie some time from their hectic schedule, answering some questions thrown the at human’s way while making a mini movie out of it. How is this possible? Well, a bunch of sensors have been incorporated into Boxie, allowing it to navigate through human spaces, while a camera mounted above its head will record what it sees.

In order to interact with Boxie, all you need to do is press the buttons that are located on the side of its head, where they have been color-coded green and red for positive and negative responses, respectively. Some of the questions comprise of asking us humans what we do for a living, in addition to making a request that most folks will be unable to turn down, that is, carrying Boxie about to its next destination. Cute, but I quite sure it is not going to win any Oscars anytime soon.

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