3D movies in the cinemas might not exactly be doing roaring business, as statistics has shown, with the audience preferring to stick to regular 2D programming instead (something tells me that the current economic climate in the world also plays a part here). Having said that, 3D HDTVs might be pushed at retail stores these days, but is there enough “software” to back it up for the long run? Perhaps there is a niche for 3D technology, and one of them would be to transform 2D photos into 3D sculptures, thanks to the BumpyPhoto system. It will enable users to upload a standard photo image to the company’s website, and certain software will then be used to create a 3D depth map. Of course, it will not depend entirely on the algorithm, as human designers will also be on deck to ensure the entire process is smooth sailing.

Basically, the higher the resolution, the more accurate the “translation” will be, but generally speaking, you need a minimum image size of 2-megapixels to get started. Not only that, users are also able to request for a preview of the 3D depth map for approval once it has been created. Currently, the standard asking price for a custom-made Bumpy Photo is $79, although a custom-made Bumpy Cutout is $10 more expensive.

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