CCTVs at petrol stations could be used to scan for uninsured vehiclesResidents of the UK, if you thought that the CCTVs installed at petrol stations were only for monitoring criminal behavior, i.e. robberies, driving off without paying after you’ve fueled up, think again as a new government plan is being initiated that will utilize those CCTVs to check vehicle license plates to see if the cars are uninsured or untaxed, in which case the offending vehicles will not be allowed to fuel up.

It seems that according to the statistics, 1 out of 25 vehicles in the UK do not have insurance, and about 160 people a year are killed and 23,000 injured by uninsured and untraced drivers each year, figures which we’re guessing the UK government is attempting to lower by introducing this new plan. The CCTVs will capture the license plates and will then cross-reference the plates against the DVLA’s database, and only allowing drivers to refuel once their vehicles have been cleared.

Officials are expected to meet representatives from major fuel companies in the next few weeks to discuss the idea, although some petrol retailers have already expressed their opinion about this plan by claiming that it could put cashiers at risk. What do you guys think?

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