If you thought 3D graphics and the Kinect are technologies that don’t belong in the corporate world, Keytree Labs aims to prove you wrong. The company has recently come up with a concept solution called CEO Vision. Making use of a 3D headset and a Microsoft Kinect, they came up with a system that accesses data from a SAP HANA database to provide 3D visuals and a computer-less user experience for CEOs to check how well their companies have been doing.

Users just put on a headset, look at reports which then trigger augmented reality data such as graphs and additional information over them. They can then interact with popup menus and selections with simple hand gestures that are detected by the Kinect. With CEO Vision, sifting through reports isn’t such a boring job anymore.

Granted the interface seems laggy and pretty clunky for now, but it can probably be tuned and refined into something even more impressive. Check out the video demonstration above and let us know what you think of it [CEO Vision]

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