Heads up Battlefield 3 gamers, if you’re looking forward to more multiplayer gaming, EA has recently announced three new multiplayer expansions for the game that are expected to be released between June and winter, with the first being called Close Quarters, the second Armored Kill and the last will be known as End Game, which we guess is a rather fitting title.


As the name implies, the first pack Close Quarters will be placing an emphasis on close quarters combat. It will come with new weapons, dog tags, assignments and is expected to be made available in June. The second pack, Armored Kill is also pretty much a dead giveaway based on its name, and will be placing an emphasis on vehicles. It will also introduce new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery and more, and supposedly will bring with it the “biggest map in Battlefield history”.

Last but not least is the third pack dubbed End Game. Unfortunately unlike the previous two packs, details surrounding End Game are pretty scarce, but what we do know is that it will be released in winter. We expect the details of End Game to be revealed as its release date gets closer, so stay tuned.

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