There is nothing quite like sticking to your personal kingdom when it comes to hygiene levels – that is, your very own bathroom, porcelain throne and all. After all, you know who uses it, and who are responsible for all the messes and stains that show up. A public toilet, however, is a very different experience, and depending on the place where you do your “business”, the entire experience can range from very pleasant in a 5-star hotel to downright disgusting. Even worse is when you need to let everything go at the back end – and there are other people in adjacent stalls. Instead of lining up the bottom of the bowl with plenty of toilet paper to mute whatever sound that might happen, perhaps the Eco Otome might help?

Being as small as a keychain thereabouts, hence highly portable, the Eco Otome will play back pre-recorded water sounds in order to mask whatever “subs” you decide to drop. Retailing for just around $1.20 in Japan after conversion, do not expect an exquisite audio playback from this, and unfortunately, it is unable to do anything to mask the odors from your chocolate deposit.

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