Emilio Gomariz turns OS X animations into art

OS X users are probably familiar with the various animations that accompany their operating system, and while most of us never gave it much thought, one person did – Emilio Gomariz, who decided that there was art to be found in the various animations of OS X, ultimately creating a series of videos and image captures of his desktop which have since been turned into a digital canvas of sorts.

As pictured above, Emilio has managed to create a variety of different artwork, ranging from colorful 3D looking cubes, to rainbows, wordings, and even a piece that while abstract, we can’t help but think it looks like a rabbit. It’s a pretty creative idea and concept, and while it does not take him too long to create his artwork, it seems that his Mac isn’t really that huge a fan of his work according to an interview he gave with Creative Review:

A while ago, I had the biggest error/damage alert,” says Gomariz. “I was experimenting with Text Edit in another way, copying and pasting thousands of huge, coloured special characters at the same time, and the software became blocked permanently. I couldn’t use it anymore. I had to reinstall the OS X to get it back. 

If you’d like to see the rest of Emilio’s artwork, pop on over to his website for the still images and various video clips.

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