I guess the cat is out of the bag – the good people over at Gizmodo have managed to consult with some CGI maestros under George Lucas’ employment concerning the video of the flying bird man earlier this morning, and they claim that it is nothing but a big, fat hoax – a clever one at that, though. Ryan Martin, Technical Director at preeminent Industrial Light & Magic, shared his two cents alongside more than a dozen of his colleagues, with authenticity being one of the main issues. For someone who has the money to put such a project together, it is rather disconcerting to see the lack of proper video equipment documenting what could perhaps be a historical “flight”. Poor quality videos that have the intention to go viral is shot in such a manner for one reason – to make it harder for digital forensic work to be performed where its authenticity is concerned. Other issues like the filming angle from an airplane being wrong, and different kinds of physics laws being contradicted among others. Well, it was fun while it lasted, no?

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