Remember our story about how the 7″ Google tablet might actually spark off a price war in the Android-powered tablet market? Well, here is more news on it, although there will not be anything to do with the price point, but rather, the channel of distribution. According to The Wall Street Journal, this particular tablet would most probably see action on Google’s online store shelves. The Wall Street Journal might actually be co-branded with the name “Google”, where it will most probably be manufactured by Asus and Samsung. There are whispers that Asus will roll out the tablet later this year through an online Google store – as an exclusive, that is. If this rumor were to be true, then there is an indirect point that Google is attempting to carve out a niche for itself with Amazon, as Amazon sells their very own Kindle tablet via Google, of course, did not respond to any requests for comments. Seriously, what did you expect?

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