Guild Wars 2 will most likely not be region lockedOne of the drawbacks to certain games, like World of Warcraft for instance, is that there are region locks. What this means is that if you are living in Europe, you will only have access to the European version of World of Warcraft which means that your friends in Asia or the US will not be able to play with you unless they get their hands on European version. The same goes for Oceanic players who only get access to Oceanic and US servers while Asian and European servers are nowhere to be found. The good news for Guild Wars 2 players is that it looks like the upcoming game will not be region locked according to a tweet via the official Guild Wars 2’s Twitter account.

The reply was tweeted in response to a fan asking there would be a region lock, to which they replied that there would be some restrictions at point of sale, but it will eventually be lifted which means that players will be able to play with their friends living in other countries. However this could also mean that players from around the world might congregate on a particular server leading to possible latency issues.

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