Hackers reportedly able to retrieve credit card information from refurbished XboxesMaybe you’ve decided to give up on gaming, or maybe you’re strapped for cash, whichever the case, you’ve decided to sell off your Xbox 360. Bad idea. At least that’s what researchers at Drexel University have suggested when they discovered that a hacker or modder with a set of common tools will have no problems digging into your Xbox 360’s hard drive and retrieving your credit card number along with other personal information. This was revealed in a phone interview conducted by Kotaku with researcher Ashley Podhradsky.

“Podhradsky, along with colleagues Rob D’Ovidio and Cindy Casey at Drexel and Pat Engebretson at Dakota State University, bought a refurbished Xbox 360 from a Microsoft-authorized retailer last year. They downloaded a basic modding tool and used it to crack open the gaming console, giving them access to its files and folders. After some work, they were able to identify and extract the original owner’s credit card information.”

Podhradsky goes on to recommend that if you wanted to get rid of your Xbox 360, you might want to remove its hard drive, hook it up to your computer and using a sanitization program like Darik’s Boot & Nuke to completely wipe everything out. It seems that a simple reformatting of the system just won’t cut it.

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