Are you a fan of concept vehicles? If you are, you might recall that a few months ago, Hyundai teased the world with a concept car of their own dubbed the i-oniq, a concept coupe that is a hybrid, running on both an electric motor and petrol engine. Well if you’ve been dying to see it revealed at the Geneva Motor Show which is taking place on the 6th of March, you’re in luck as pictures of the concept vehicle have leaked ahead of its official unveiling.

According to the specs that leaked with the picture, the Hyundai i-oniq concept coupe will sport an electric motor with a range of 120km (75 miles). However this range can be extended thanks to its petrol engine which will help generate electricity, boosting the range of the electric motor beyond 700km (435 miles). Unfortunately it’s still a concept at this point, but with specs like that, perhaps more drivers would be willing to embrace the hybrid or electric vehicle model, although its design alone makes for a really great sales pitch.

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