South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai has come up with a rather interesting method of promoting their latest Hyundai i30 model in the Netherlands, and that is through the hypnotic powers wielded by professional hypnotist Peter Powers who hails from Britain. Powers was tasked to come up with a novel method of pushing the Hyundai i30’s desirability level up by several notches to the masses, and his attempt resulted in the “Online Hypnosis Experiment” that is actually a 15 minute immersive video that was intended to be viewed in full screen glory while wearing a pair of headphones. This short excerpt is said to literally put you through all the relevant motions to fall under hypnosis, allowing you to experience the Hyundai i30 in ways that you would never have imagined. Check out the video of the results of this nifty little experiment above, and will you purchase a Hyundai i30 after that? I do wonder whether the participants will follow through with this experiment in their choice of vehicles in the future…

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