One of the “drawbacks” to the iPhone is that it does not come with NFC, although it looks like you may soon not need NFC thanks to the Geode iPhone case by iCache. What the case does apart from it doubling as an iPhone case, is that it will store all your card data, such as credit cards, loyalty cards, etc all in one place.

The case itself will sport an e-ink display at the back of it which will be used to display barcode information for the different loyalty cards you might have stored in it, allowing it to be read by any barcode reader. The case also comes with a “GeoCard” which is essentially a regular card with a reprogrammable magnetic strip at the back, allowing the card to act as any of the credit cards that you registered with Geode.

Now that sounds pretty convenient, don’t you agree, but what about security? Well it seems that iCache has thought of that and has included some security measures with the Geode, such as a fingerprint scanner used to activate the Geode for transactions, and an auto-timeout feature for the GeoCard, making sure that in the event you lose the GeoCard, whoever finds it an hour later won’t be able to go on a shopping spree with it.

If all of that sounds like music to your ears, pop on over to Geode’s Kickstarter page where you will be able to order one for yourself for $159. More information on the Geode can be found in the video below or its Kickstarter page. [Product page]

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