iPad 3 to change 4G game?Apple might not be the first off the blocks with a particular device or idea, but that does not mean the improvements as well as marketing magic that accompany their own product release are to be overlooked. No sir, in fact, Apple takes what already exists, and most of the time in recent memory, they have turned it into a must-have instead of a fledgling technology. The tablet is a pretty good example – Bill Gates introduced the tablet PC a long time ago, but nobody really bought into the idea, and when the iPad came out, you hear of stories of people willing to sell their kidney to fund an iPad purchase, or a girl putting her virginity up for sale in exchange for an iPhone 4. Well, the iPad 3 that will be announced later this week is said to feature 4G connectivity, and it might just be a game changer for this particular spectrum. Most iPad 3 users who subscribe to a 4G connection will most probably be willing to fork out more dough to watch high-quality video wherever they are, and carriers offering the iPad 3 would probably be more than happy to accommodate such a situation.

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