Here is one for the Forever Alone ladies – this iPhone app is said to make use of your iPhone’s built-in GPS chip in order to zoom in on stores that have the sexiest, drool-worthy guys around. Rolled out by Datacraft earlier last month, it is known as Ikemen Tenin MAP Sapporo (translated to “Map of Handsome Clerks in Sapporo” if you prefer English), and was specially concocted to cater for the ladies who are unable to have the kind of time in their lives to meet up with guys. The whole idea behind this is to bring back balance to the force, where ladies who are so obsessed with their work, that they have totally forgotten about this thing called “love” and “romance”.

According to Datacraft’s head of corporate planning and PR, Sora Iwadate, “It creates a chance for unmarried women in their 20’s and 30’s to kick start those feelings of romance in their lives by interacting with some of the finer examples of mankind. It’s a concept called 2.5D, where we can interact with beautiful people rather than just watch them on TV or in movies.” Right now, the database has only around 50 men inside, and is limited to the downtown Sapporo area, but hey – don’t you think that quality wins over quantity?

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