Jailbreaking your Blackberry Playbook will void its warranty according to RIMJailbreaking the Blackberry Playbook isn’t exactly news, in fact it has been going on for quite some time now, but what are the repercussions of jailbreaking your Playbook device? Well RIM has been pretty quiet regarding the matter, at least until now where RIM’s Adrian Stone, Director of the Blackberry Security Incident Response Team, stepped forward and issued a statement regarding the jailbreaking of Playbook devices.

“To be clear, RIM recommends against installing any jailbreaking tool. Customers who use a jailbreaking tool on BlackBerry products void the manufacturer warranty and also increase the long-term risk of negatively impacting the stability and user experience of their BlackBerry products.”

In short – jailbreaking your Playbook will essentially void the warranty on your device, which means if anything goes wrong, you will no longer be covered under the device’s warranty and that repairs that could have been free will now cost you money. More information regarding this can be found over at the Blackberry Business blog.

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