Adults used to tell kids not to play with fire, literally and figuratively, but they never mentioned anything about the Kindle Fire from Amazon. All right, it might not sound all that witty, but after a couple of vodkas, you might just change your mind. Having said that, here is word that the Amazon Kindle Fire is now able to give you more than a singular choice where operating systems are concerned – in fact, you can dual boot CyanogenMod 7 and CyanogenMod 9 on the tablet, where you are able to select from either Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the operating system of choice, this despite the fact that the Kindle Fire ships with a mere 8GB of internal memory – nothing that cannot be dealt with when one creatively partitions the device. The FireFireFire bootloader will bring up a boot menu, where you can now select between “normal boot,” “recovery,” and “alternate boot”, which means loading CyanogenMod 7, CyanogenMod 9, or custom recovery utilities. Decisions, decisions…

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