We have seen the world of video games evolve from standard physical controllers to the novelty (which actually works quite well, actually) of motion-controlled games, with the Kinect from Microsoft spearheading the effort of using your entire body as a video game controller – and to much success, to. Tim Schafer and longtime colleague Ron Gilbert decided to try something different – by using the player’s very own emotions to control the game, resulting in a variety of combinations and in different strengths/intensities.  This very idea, when used in conjunction with Kinect technology, will be incorporated rather extensively in entertainment titles like Happy Action Theater and Once Upon a Monster. Basically, the game will see a cursed artifact control the emotions of other characters toward objects in their environment, and you as the gamer will rely on Kinect – where your one hand creates love, while another will generate hate. Whenever you hover hover a sentiment over a person or object in the environment, it will react accordingly. Sounds like a fun premise though – what do you think of it? I can see a Star Wars title develop from this, where you use the Light and Dark Sides of the Force…

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