Unfortunately for the visually impaired out there, a lot of things that we consider to be normal and easy can be a challenge for them. This includes reading or even crossing the street, which is why this modular walking stick, also known as the Light Stick, designed by Wu Guanghao looks like it might be welcomed with open arms by the visually impaired community if it were to ever be put into production.

For starters, the stick comes with a sensor built into the bottom of it which sends out sonar pulses to detect obstacles in the user’s way. When an obstacle has been detected, the nature of the obstacle will be conveyed through vibrations in the stick that vary in vibration strength/speed. Next up the handle of the stick itself will pull double duty as an electronic scanner, allowing the user to scan written text which in turn will be “read” back into the wireless headphone worn by the user, also built into (and removable) the stick.

It will also come with an emergency switch and position braille and can also be folded up and placed into the user’s pocket for convenience and storage. All in all it’s a pretty nifty design and here’s hoping that manufacturers will either pick up some cues from its design or starting manufacturing one themselves.

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