3D printers are not exactly the cheapest devices to own at this point in time, but you can be sure as it gets more and more popular among the masses, the high demand (hopefully, anyways) will be able to drive prices down to a far more affordable range. Right now, the technology of 3D printers can burn a hole that is equal to a few thousand dollars large in your pocket, and the benefits are definitely tangible, as one is able to print out toys, models, and perhaps, even replacement body parts. Each new technology that is expensive has a champion who wants to see it being made available to everyone, and the MakiBox might just be the catalyst for that when it comes to 3D printers.

To put it simply, the MakiBox 3D printer is cheaper than an iPad, and according to creator Jon Buford, “This is the first 3D printer designed from the ground up to be simple, completely self-contained, reliable and most important of all, affordable!” The MakiBox kit costs a mere $350, and if you want the fully assembled version, it will cost you a couple of Benjamins more. Either way, it will be accompanied by a free international delivery fee. Do you think the MakiBox 3D printer will be a hit under Christmas trees this December?

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