No, the invisible car from Mercedes here has nothing to do with military cloaking technology, but it is still no doubt a clever marketing ploy (to me, at least). The German automaker decided to promote their zero-emissions F-Cell model, where the entire left side of the car is installed with LEDs, delivering a camouflaged look from certain angles, while a Canon 5D Mark II is mounted on the opposite end in order to capture a video of wherever the F-Cell passes through. All video will be transmitted to the LEDs in real-time, and since we are talking about an all-electric car, you know for sure it is going to be far quieter compared to your regular petrol guzzler or diesel engine. I wonder if the military might want to look into this rather lop-sided camouflage affair in the future. I do hope that these LEDs will be waterproof, and that the Canon 5D Mark II will be properly shielded from the elements – just in case, you know, it rains cats and dogs.

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