Speed is king – never mind if it is on the asphalt or in the digital world. Microsoft has plans to increase the speed whenever you are online after submitting their proposal for a faster Internet protocol to the standards body that have been charged to develop HTTP 2.0. Said standards body is known as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and they happen to meet this week in order to discuss about the future concerning the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, otherwise known as HTTP. Part of the agenda would be to generate HTTP 2.0, and needless to say, just like a correctly applied operating system update, it ought to result in a faster, modern approach where Internet communication is concerned.

HTTP 2.0 will definitely see their fair share of candidates, and Google’s SPDY protocol (pronounced “speedy”) looks set to be one of the forerunners. Google’s SPDY protocol is said to be able to handle the entire slew of tasks as HTTP, but does it by shaving off half the amount of time required by HTTP. Chrome and Firefox support SPDY and several large sites, such as Google (a no-brainer) and Twitter, are already relying on SPDY to serve pages. The vicious cycle is set to continue though – as things get faster, we are supposed to be more efficient – but there should be a limit as to how efficient a human gets before he/she just burns out.

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