Minecraft has picked up quite the following over time, and even Minecraft Pocket Edition has started to feature pigs (I wonder if that has anything to do with being inspired by the Angry Birds franchise), you know for sure the game has plenty of potential for the future. We now have word that Minecraft will be arriving on the Xbox 360 this coming May 9th, where it will be known as Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Just how much do you need to fork out for it? We are looking at 1,600 Microsoft Points, which is the equivalent of $20 after conversion to real world money, netting you a full-featured version of the game that includes a revamped crafting interface, “natural controller movements,” a tutorial mode, and split-screen multiplayer. Of course, there is always multiplayer gaming for you to enjoy over Xbox LIVE. Will you be one of the potential millions to pick up Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition? Come on, you know that living out a pseudo-LEGO lifestyle has long been one of your secret desires…

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