Monarch LotusIf you’re tired of plain, ugly-looking solar collectors ruining beautiful scenery, you’re not the only one. The folks over at Monarch Power have managed to come up with a pleasant looking solar collector inspired by the lotus flower. Aptly called the Monarch Lotus, it features 18 petals that form a 13-foot diameter flower that should be capable generating enough power (2kW) and hot water for the average family.


The design of the lotus flower is also said to be more than just a gimmick. In addition to looking interesting, its foldable design allows it to be transported easily as well as keep it protected from the wind and rain. Since it is not a roof-mounted contraption, it also makes it easy to deploy in various locations, making it suitable for use in emergencies as well.

No word on when the Monarch Lotus will become available to the public, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see these flower-inspired solar collectors in use.

[Monarch Lotus]

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