Yes, we know that Motorola recently announced MOTOACTV Golf Edition, and here is more news on what Motorola calls as the “ultimate in fitness tracking and motivation” – by introducing additional activities as well as a more social community. With MOTOACTV’s software update, it is capable of tracking over 40 new activities that range from aerobics to dancing and Pilates. After all, it goes without saying that health is wealth, so for those of you who are already doing your part to make sure you lose as much weight as possible or to stay trim and mean, you are able to track your your progress using the MOTOACTV Training portal. Just as how having your mates join you at the gym might help the entire group be more motivated, so too, will you be able to offer such ‘support’ over a social network – by connecting to the MOTOACTV Facebook page and sharing your tips and tricks, or simply just your two cents with others. Check out a video of the MOTOACTV in action after the jump. [Press Release]

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