Google MotorolaEver since Google announced its intentions to purchase Motorola Mobility, people started getting concerned about how it would affect Android. Would Motorola have access to the Android operating system before everyone else? Would Android still be locked down? Will Motorola be building phones with stock ROMs? Well, Google has gone on record in the past, saying that nothing will change and the main reason for acquiring Motorola would be to boost its patent portfolio which will help Android in legal battles.


Motorola has been pretty silent about the whole thing until recently when Alain Mutricy, Senior VP of Portfolio and Product Management, spoke about the issue. According to him Google isn’t lying about its intentions. Motorola Mobility and Google will continue to be separate entities, which means there won’t be any favoritism when it comes to Android OEMs. While that may be true for now, who’s to say things won’t change in the future? After all, nothing can stop Google from doing so – though it might lose the trust of consumers and manufacturers, which would be a heavy blow to Android.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead for Android.

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