Sony doesn’t take too kindly whenever it comes to users hacking their consoles to run unlicensed software, and the Vita is no exception. Well, Sony has been quick to respond to an exploit that has been recently discovered for the console. Apparently with the aid of Motorstorm Arctic Edge combined with the Vita Half Byte Loader, users can have a “limited PSP homebrew experience” on the portable console. Needless to say, in an attempt to curb this threat of homebrew software, Sony has pulled the game off the PlayStation Store.

The person behind the hack, Wololo, mentioned in the video demonstration that the Vita Half Byte Loader will be released later – but now that Motorstorm Arctic Edge is pulled, there’s no word on whether he will still be releasing it. It probably isn’t only game with this vulnerability, so you can expect more titles to be pulled from the store soon but in the meantime check out the video demonstration above.

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