Mozilla Thunderbird 11 introducedI am not quite sure just how many people use Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client any more these days, but Mozilla has continued to support this particular software by upgrading it to version 11. The update will focus mostly on a range of bug fixes, where the user interface in the email software has been changed – all the tabs have been moved over to the top of the page. Apart from that, Mozilla purposely introduced this change so that developers of third party applications for Thunderbird are able to have more “fun” with Thunderbird. Not only that, Mozilla has plans for future updates for Thunderbird that will see instant messaging support introduced within the email client, and is meant to integrate email and instant messages. Sounds just like Gmail, no? I guess if you cannot beat ‘em, just join ‘em. After all, it makes sense to take the best of what the competition has to offer and work on carving out your own “signature” features which are properly aligned.

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