It can be safely said that everything that you ever wanted to know about Gmail can be asked and answers found on the Gmail Forum, and to date, a new milestone has been reached – we are talking about 100,000 answers from a single forum poster here. Brett, also known as “bkc56” on the forum, has done his bit of being a good Samaritan to date, clocking up more than 100,000 replies in the process. This has led the Gmail team to congratulate him on being the first person to do so, and actually rewarded Brett with an invitation to the Google offices in Mountain View for lunch while spending a day with the team. Of course, this exchange of information is not just one way traffic, but during Brett’s visit, he also shared his insights on Gmail, ranging from the forum to the Gmail community. Apart from that, Google has also released a spanking new interface for the Gmail Forum that is powered by Google Groups, offering new features such as “me too” voting, rich text posts and editing, and easy sharing on Google+.

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