Nokia Lumia 610 goes to the FCC Whenever a smartphone or a device arrives at the hallowed halls of the FCC, it is somewhat akin to vultures circling in the skies above, waiting for a prey to give up its last breath before becoming dinner. Except that in the case of the FCC, it is a matter of birth, as the Nokia Lumia 610 which just dropped by the FCC recently has been stripped apart and looked at from all angles in order for the relevant authorities to make sure that the smartphone itself is good and ready to be released to the masses in the near future. There is definitely 3G connectivity supported in the Nokia Lumia 610, and it will play nice with AT&T’s network spectrums.  It should be a matter of time now before it hits the market, and even if it doesn’t, you can always import one into the country. Are you looking forward to this smartphone?

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