When the Nokia Lumia 610 was announced at the end of last month in Barcelona, Spain, the world rejoiced at the fact that there is another far more affordable Windows Phone handset in the market to play around with, just in case the Lumia 800 is out of your reach. Well, being more expensive does not necessarily translate to being better, as both the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 do not come with WiFi hotspot capability – something that surprisingly, the Nokia Lumia 610 has. After all, this official confirmation came from Nokia’s website, touting the fact that the Nokia Lumia 610 can function “as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices.”

No idea on why something more affordable has such a feature, when one would have naturally expected otherwise in the higher end models. I guess sometimes, companies do overlook such small details like these, and perhaps a future firmware update will see both the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 carry WiFi hotspot capability.

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800x480 TFT LCD
252 PPI
~$70 - Amazon
5 MP
131.5 g
1300 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
0.25GB RAM
MSM7227A Snapdragon + None
Storage (GB)
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