If you happen to own the Nokia N9, then here is a wee bit of news that might just uplift your spirits. We are talking about the Nokia N9 PR1.2 camera improvements which include face recognition, continuous shutter and video editing as part of the enhancements. The software update started to roll out since last week, and according to Jens Wilke, Camera Program Manager at Nokia, “These improvements have been in the works for a while and the whole team is really passionate about the Nokia N9. We wanted people to have a great camera experience, and while there were many challenges, we overcame them and are confident people will enjoy these updates.” Those who have updated their Nokia N9 to PR1.2 would turn the N9 into the first smartphone from Nokia that boasts of integrated automated face recognition.

Basically, whenever you snap a photo of someone, a tiny question mark will appear on the person’s face. When pressed, you are then able to go through your contacts list and tag that face, and once there are a couple of tags to the same person, the N9 will be able to suggest their name to you the next time they get photographed by you, where a double tap is then required for confirmation. Are you happy with the new PR1.2 camera update?

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