Yes, Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is rolling out to other Nokia handsets in due time, and here is the Nokia Weather Widget for Belle that you might want to look into so that you need not get caught unawares whenever you head outdoors. After all, nobody likes to walk outside and suddenly make a break for it, looking for some shelter when the skies open and start to rain cats and dogs. Basically, the official Weather Widget on Nokia Belle. You will be able to check out the current weather as well as forecast of wherever you are at that moment in time – no matter which city you are in the world. Obviously, if you are going to trek in the deep interiors of a jungle somewhere, then do not expect to receive a signal – hence no weather updates, and you will then need to rely on a far more traditional method of telling what the weather will be like in the hours and days to come.

Some of the features include the ability to search and select a fixed location, while information will update itself automatically every 3 hours for fixed locations and every hour otherwise.

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