Mention Capcom, and many people would have fond memories of video games turning up in their heads, what with Street Fighter and Mega Man being just two of the numerous names. Well, Capcom had always concentrated on the home and portable console segments, and were never serious about the casual gaming market, but here we are with a platform that they hardly have any experience in – a browser-based game. This move by Capcom is certainly a surprising one, but at least it shows that the company is willing to learn and explore different avenues, being part of their effort in making a name for themselves in the social and mobile gaming niches. The title for this browser-based game would be Onimusha Soul, and it is an RPG (Role Playing Game) browser game that is based on the PlayStation 2 Onimusha samurai survival series. It will come with action and puzzle elements, so thinkers and doers alike will be able to have their fair share of fun. Onimusha Soul relies on the Unity 3D engine for its visuals, and will roll out this June 28th for web browsers, with smartphones receiving it later on.

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