Being a parent for the first time is definitely a heavy responsibility for any one, but it is also an honor. For parents who something different than an ordinary stroller, the Origami Power-Folding Stroller from 4moms comes into mind. Touted to be the first power-folding stroller in the world, all it takes is a single button press, and the robotics technology incorporated inside will fold itself up in a jiffy, while you attend to Junior who is starting to look uncomfortable in his new surroundings. Apart from that, the Origami comes jam packed with other features, including the ability to juice up your smartphone, keep track of just how far you and baby have strolled in this, and generators located in the rear wheels to keep it juiced up as you walk.

There are also daytime running lights, and pathway lights for low-light conditions, making sure mom or dad do not take a wrong step. Sensors have been embedded in the seat itself, to prevent it from folding by accident. Something this cool will not come cheap though – we are talking about a $849.99 price point here. At least your kid can claim to have the coolest ride in town when he grows up and goes through his baby photos. The only think the Origami can’t do is change dirty diapers…

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