Ortsbo.com – ever heard of the domain name before? Well, you might want to start taking note of it, as Ortsbo is the leader in real-time experiential communications, having announced that they have recently applied for U.S. patent protection for its new e-Reader translator application. This new app is currently available in closed Beta, where it intends to revolutionize the e-Reader industry by instantly translating the user’s choice of text or audible speech in real time, basically, any material which can be loaded onto majority of the popular e-Reader platforms out there. This new multi-language translation tool will play nice with just about any iOS, Android or Windows-based desktop, smartphone, mobile, tablet and portable computing device.

Currently, text-to-text and text-to-speech translation will be available in German, French and English, with the goal of supporting up to 53 languages in total at the end of the day. We do know that communicating well is one of the basics of any relationship, and also applies when it comes to understanding a particular book or article, so Ortsbo wants to fill this niche with their app.

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