Politicians promise a lot of things in order to get elected, and each politician probably has a different idea of what they can do in order to help boost the economy, but for those of us not so financially savvy, a recently launched online tool called Politify might be able to help us figure which politician might be best suited for our financial needs.

Designed by Nikita Bier, a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, Politify’s goal is to provide every citizen the chance to make an informed decision come Election Day. All users have to do is provide them a variety of personal information ranging from marital status, the number of children you have in your household, income, etc (which the site promises they won’t share). Politify will then crunch the numbers and provide the user with an “exact” effect of how each presidential candidate’s economic plan would have on your personal finances.

The algorithm Bier uses was developed over months and uses data from the US government and economics professors, and he has engaged the help of Pandora founder Will Glaser and Emanuel Saez, an economics professor at Berkeley. It sounds like an interesting tool and could help those who aren’t so politically or financially savvy to make a slightly more informed decision. While we can’t vouch for the legitimacy or accuracy of Politify, we certainly don’t see the harm in giving it a try. Head on down to its website for the details.

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